Visit the Park of the Appian Way with kids, tips

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The Park of the Appian Way is a unique spot suited for all, with no age limits. If you have your kids with you, we’ll show you to discover our territory in the safest and funniest way. We are at 60, via Appia Antica (Rome) and you can reach us by taxi (calling 063570), by bus or car. You can either walk or bike the Park, if you are interested in the historical and archaeological ruote crossing all the Park, you can use the private road of the Catacombs of S. Callisto to stay away from traffic, and reach -after 1 mile- the restricted traffic zone: starting from there, where you’ll see the Complex of Massenzio Emperor, just residents are allowed to drive up to the end. Remind that the private access of the Catacombs is open every day from 9.30 am to 6 pm (except on Thursdays). The itinerary we suggest to discover covers the first 5 miles, but it’s up to you: decide your width and the attractions is worth to see.


If your kids are comfortable with a bit of darkness, take the opportunity to let them see one of the Catacombs (S. Callisto or S. Sebastiano). It’s really worth to take the tour, the local guide will lead you into an incredible network of tunnels dug out on different levels and up to 12000 square meters. There are several shifts all day, better booking by phone and then pay on site: € 8,00 for adults, € 5,00 for 7-16 years old, free for 0-6. The tour takes you 45 minutes roughly and the temperature is around 16 degrees. Then, you can reach the Complex of Massenzio Emperor and take a nice walk, dropping off the bike outside. It’s an enjoyable green area scattered with the ruins of Massenzio property including his private villas, the circus and the Mausoleum of his son. These are the attractions we suggest to visit with kids, you can see all the others ruins flanking the main road just passing by.


If your kids are really into nature and animals, there’s nothing better than the Caffarella Valley, a tailor-made part of the Park with dirt roads and no car at all. The entrance of the Caffarella Valley is just after the Domine Quo Vadis. In less than 5 minutes, your attention will be caught by a private farm along the way guesting llamas, horses and other animals that you can touch from the mesh. Further, rabbits, flock of goats and sheep there’ll be on your way and, if you are lucky, you could also run into foxes. You can easily discover the area following our map and tips, the estimate time of visiting is no more than 2 hours. Here, you can lay out a cloth and enjoy your meal. Remind, there are no restaurants nor cafés here, just on the Appian Way (up to Cecilia Metella’s Tomb).


Our tip is hiring a bike to make funnier your day. We provide city-bike from 4 years onwards, so if they can handle the bike, no problem! For younger children, we have back or front child seat (supporting max 33 and 48 pounds) or a trailer (max 2 kids, 70 pounds): all accessories need a city-bike (not MTB or e-bike). Due to the small number available, we do highly recommend to book online -at least the day before. Locks and helmets are included in the price. While reserving, you’ll notice that the trailer doesn’t suit for the archaeological road of the Appian way due to the bumpy stretches: you can discover the Caffarella Valley or any other cycle path or whatever other spot!


If you want to get the the most of it and it’s lunch time, you can grab a sandwich at Barone Rampante in less than 1 minute walking, they also fix up take away home made warm meals. The Caffarella Valley is the perfect spot to spend your meal. Otherwise, if you prefer to be served in a nice restaurant, decide the one you prefer, they all surround Cecilia Metella area. If you need water fountains to fill in your bottle, there are some up to the Erode Attico crossroad (on the Appian Way), and several into the Caffarella Valley (help yourself with the map). For the rest, you can buy water bottles, sun cream, canteens and gadgets in our office!