If you want to visit the archaeological route of the via Appia with the original cobblestones of 312 BC, get off at 60, Via Appia Antica at the bus stop called “Appia Antica Domine Quo Vadis” to get many services: bike rental, guided tours (ebike, walking or golf cart), information, maps and free Wi-Fi . Do you want to walk? Get off at 136, via Appia Antica, at the Catacombs of S. Sebastian.

BIKE RENTAL: open every day from 9.30 am to 5-6 pm according to season. Show up or book in advance (strongly suggested form March to October), get our maps and tips and venture in the park.

GUIDED TOURS: E-mail us at or WhatsApp for your golf cart (guided tour or driver), aqueducts ebike share guided tour or other activities

No, the Park is always open and free. There are several entrances depending on the area you want to visit. If you want to discover the via Appia Antica with the main sites, you can park your car -freely- at 50, Via Appia Antica (50 m before our office) or get off with the bus 118 or 218 at the bus stop called Appia Antica/Domine Quo Vadis. We are at 60, via Appia Antica, providing bike rental, guided tours, recommendations and maps. 

You can pass through the gates of the private road of the Catacombs of St Callixtus to avoid the cars and reach the traffic limited area of the Appia Antica from the Tomb of Metella on. The private road is available every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm, except on Wednesday. PLEASE NOTE: on Wednesday you’ll ride 1.5 km with cars, -nonetheless, you can always pass through the Caffarella Valley to reach the traffic limited area of the Appian Way.

For injured animals or help, please contact Park Ranger 06 51 15 107 (from Monday to Friday 7 am to 8 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 am to 7 pm)
Restaurants and cafés are located just in the first 3 km of the Appian Way (working out from our office), the last one being immediately after the Tomb of Cecilia Metella. Then, you can find water fountains and endless green areas where you can have a picnic.
There are many water fountains: 50m on the left from our office (Appia Antica, 50), at the Catacombs of S. Callixtus and S. Sebastian, next to Cecilia Metella Tomb, after Torre Capo di Bove, near the crossroad of Via di Tor Carbone. You can get our free map with water fountains pointed out and our water bottle (€ 5,00).

About the Park: except the Catacombs, you can get a discount showing the card RomaPass. Enjoy Quintili’s Villa and Cecilia Metella’s Tomb free entrance the first Sunday of the month, check out all free entrances on the respective official website. About the bike rental: you can get 10% off -showing the card or reserving online- if you have RomaPass (if you reserve online, insert the code ‘romapass2024’).

Sure, the Park schedules several educational itineraries, also shared ebike guided tours Appia&Aqueducts or shared golf cart tours on the Appia.

Yes, make sure to bring with you a leash and a muzzle. In the Caffarella Valley there’s a proper dog area. Of course, there are different limits/prohibitions depending on the sites.

The Park of the Appian Way is one of the biggest archaeological areas of Europe embracing 4580 hectares. The Park is crossed by the Appian Way, surrounded by several macro areas, such as the Caffarella Valley, the Aqueducts and other areas. Map of the Appia Antica (we are at n 6 on the map. The map includes the first 6 km). Download here all the other maps.