Rome: Appian Way Golf Cart Charter with Driver

Have you packed many must-sees and what to squeeze in a great experience at your own peace? Jump on our electric golf cart for 2 or 3 h with our driver on the Appia Antica, admire the gems of the oldest consular road of all time and visit the sites you wan to.

The experience suits all people willing to enjoy a peaceful experience in contact with nature without getting off from the golf cart. Stop when you want along the Appia Antica among sepulchers, villas and catacombs.

Free, independent and really tailor-made. Your experience is ready for you.

Tour Information






Group Size

1 - 5



1-4 hours


  • Golf cart rental
  • professional driver for 2 to 4 h depending on the option
  • a bottle of water and maps


Do you want to taste a real espresso on the cobblestones? Ask to the driver, he will get you all information you need also regarding 2 other activities to get the most of it:

  • catacombs: venture underneath into the christian cemetery of the II and III century. A local guide will lead you into the catacombs for a guided tour lasting 40 minutes, at € 10,00 each (free up to 6 yo; € 7,00 from 7 to 16 yo)
  • Roman Cave into the Caffarella Valley: still into the Appia Antica Park, you’ll viist a cave excavated in the I century AD. A walking guided tour among the tunnels ending with the taste of the mulsum, the original roman wine recipe. 

People with reduced mobility are welcome on our electric golf cart on the Appia, they will leave the wheelchair in our office not being possible to bring it with us. Catacombs – due to stairs, the uneven pavement and presence of any seats- unfortunately don’t suit for people that can’t walk. People with reduced mobility are pleased to consider if they’d like to visit the roman cave of the Caffarella: golf cart will arrive at the edge of it, then you have to walk – 500 m roughly or depending on your will.


  • Starting point at 60, via Appia Antica 
  • Domine Quo Vadis: one of the most stunning legends went down in history
  • Circus and Villa of Maxentius: the history of the last roman emperor 
  • Tomb of Cecilia Metella and the Caetani castle: the power of the richest man of Rome  
  • cobblestones of 312 BC: admire the groves left by the wagons
  • Capo di Bove bath: a house turned out into a private bath of the II century AD 
  • Quintili’s Villa: plots under the dictatorship of emperor Commodus
  • Back at 60, via Appia Antica

Know Before You Go

  • not suggested for pregnant women
  • 2 years old up children are welcome
  • It’s 16° roughly both into the catacombs and cave 
  • Please read our Cancellation Policy.

From € 80,00

Starting from €55