Golf cart tour on the Appian Way: a different prospective of Rome

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Have you ever been on a golf cart tour on the Appian Way? You probably zig-zaged through Piazza Navona, the Spanish steps, the Colosseum and the list goes on. Nothing to add about this eternal must-see, but sometimes it can be even more tempting to explore famous locations off the beaten path, like the Old Appian Way.

If this is the second time for you in Rome or you simply want to become familiar with another corner of the she-wolf city, you’re on the right track. Jump on our electric golf cart for 5 to get your perfect combination of culture and nature.

Why a golf cart tour on the Appian Way?

Golf Cart in front of the Church of Saint Sebastian
Golf Cart in front of the Church of Saint Sebastian

The Park of the Appian Way is one of the biggest archaeological areas of Europe. It embraces 4580 hectares with more than 2000 years of history. It dates back to 312 BC. That’s the year in which Appius Claudius Ceacus ordered the construction of a unsurpassed highroad of 500 km connecting Rome to Brindisi -in the south of Italy- and carried out in less than 100 years -all while fighting!-

An incredible project born to fulfill a military need in order to reach and conquer Greece – that’s why the Appian Way is a perfect straight line. Later on, it turned into a crucial reference for commerce, religion, social life, art and most of all for the after-life.  

Life and after life along the Appian Way

If you take a look at the map, you’ll notice incredible burial places lining the Regina Viarum. Catacombs, churches, sepulchers and mausoleums. But why all this burial places here? Well, this is one of the many answers you’ll get during our guided tour on golf cart on the Appian Way. The burial place par excellence are the catacombs, the cemetery of christians born after the incredible volcanic eruption of 360.000 years ago that produced the ashes through which they had been excavated. Which one do you want to visit? Saint Callixtus, known for being the biggest one with all its 20 km of galleries dug underground and its 500.000 corps, or Saint Sebastian, where the apostles Saint Peter and Paul had been buried for 50 years? Our guide will be able to give you the right answer!

What to expect

A guided tour on the Appian Way starting from via Appia Antica 60, across the Domine Quo Vadis Church where the encounter between Jesus and Saint Peter took place and the miraculous footprints are still preserved. The 3 h tour will lead you along the catacombs. We’ll go back in time to discover faith and law of the Roman from the II century on. Then, it will be the turn of the Villa and Circus of Maxentius, set of the film Ben Hur, to continue with the Tomb of Metella, related to the richest man of Rome. Cherry on top, Quintili’s Villa, one of the biggest residential areas of the suburb of Rome. It was originally owned by the brothers killed at the hand of Emperor Commodus, who sadly went down in history as the first (and fake!) gladiator stepping into the arena of the Coloseum.

How to get the best experience on the golf cart

Best season to get the tour on golf cart on the Appian Way? From May to June and then October, but also autumn and winter seasons could boast theirs charm. Regarding the days, Wednesday is a no-no. Or, at least, if you can choose any other day -except for Monday!- you’ll have the opportunity to step into the private property of the catacombs of Saint Callixtus, -owned by the Vatican, the smallest country in the world- and enjoy a peaceful panorama.

Windy or drizzly day? No problem! Our golf cart has panels that can be rolled down and can seat up to 5, maintaining the experience unique and intimate.

How to reserve your experience on the Appia Antica

Contact us to get all information  you need and reserve your seat: Whatsapp us at +39 06 51 35 316 or email us at Venture with us on the oldest road of Rome to enjoy the capital from a different perspective!

What not to miss: tips by a real local

  • See the original cobblestones of 312 BC, touch the grooves left by the roman chariots and take a photo!
  • Taste a lightly sparkling natural water coming down straight from our vulcano
  • Spot the flocks of sheep grazing along the sepulchers of the Appian Way