The best food and wine tours of the Appia Antica Park, Rome

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Enjoy every corner of the Park, not only for its archaeological beauties, but also for its excellent food with guided experiences by Ecobike.

With the food and wine tours, you can sample excellent local wines or visit farms and taste local products.
Visit the Appia Antica Park and end the guided bike tour at two of the most important realities within the Park: the Regina Viarum Agricultural Company and the L’Orto di Alberico estate.

The Appia Antica Park is a real agricultural treasure, the last stronghold of the Roman countryside where wild nature has been preserved intact thanks to the large estates that surround it. Pedal along the Via Appia Antica lined with ancient tombs, villas, and Roman baths.

Discover the secrets and goodness of the park by choosing one of our guided electric bicycle tours:

    Come and discover the most fascinating bike route in the world, following the ancient path of the Via Appia Antica. You can immerse yourself in the history of the ancient Romans and admire all the charm of an itinerary that has preserved its splendor for over two thousand years. You will then visit Federica Gianni’s Agricultural Company, which with her family produces genuine local products with passion and respect. In this corner of the Roman countryside, you will taste a selection of products such as oil, seasonal fruit and vegetables, accompanied by a glass of Cascina Reserve, a precious and exquisite wine.

    Delicious Fresh Produce on the Via Appia

    Follow the ancient cobblestones of the Via Appia Antica in a unique cycling experience. The route will take you through the Roman countryside, with its plowed fields and picturesque pastures, to the Organic Restaurant “L’Orto di Alberico” where you will taste their renowned wines accompanied by fresh products harvested daily in their garden

Outside the Tomb of Marcus Servius on the Appia

Treat yourself to a food and wine tour in the Appia Antica Park. Let yourself be captivated by the natural richness and food & wine of the territory.