Official Golf Cart Tour of the Appia Antica (Route F)

Along the Appia Antica – along all its magnificence up to the 8th mile 

Do you really want to relax? Don’t miss our unique historic and archaeological guided tour on our electric golf cart to discover the gems of the Appia Antica. A must-do guided tour for history geeks to go back in time and explore the ancient Roman road from the Domine Quo Vadis church up to Quintili’s Villa. Customize your tour as you wish!

Tour Information






Group Size

1 +



3 hours - 7 miles


  • Professional driver or tour guide
  • Electric golf cart for five passengers
  • Maps

Route Itinerary

  1. Starting Point: Our office at Via Appia Antica, 60.
  2. Circus and Villa of Maxentius (inside) – the history of the circus that was only ever used once.
  3. Tomb of Caecilia Metella (outside) – one of the greatest tombs still standing in the Roman Empire.
  4. Quintili’s Villa (outside) – the Quintili brothers, their history, and their murders at the hands of the emperor Commodus.

Know Before You Go

  • The golf cart seats up to 6 people including our driver.
  • Tours go ahead even in case of drizzle.
  • Please read our Cancellation Policy.

From €350

Starting from €350