Official Appia Antica Walking Tour
(Route 2)

From the 4th mile of the Appia Antica to the Villa of the Quintili

Tired of the noisy sightseeing in Rome? Take a break and step on the original cobblestones on the Via Appia Antica. Discover the endless series of sepulchers and tombs flanking the ancient road and the massive Villa of the Quintili. 4580 hectares of natural and cultural heritage await you!

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2,5 hours - 1,2 miles


  • Professional guide 
  • Maps

Route Itinerary

  1. Starting Point: Crossroads between Via di tor Carbone and Via Erode Attico on the Appia Antica
  2. Sepulchers and tombs lining the Appia Antica
  3. Tumulus of the Horatii and Curatii (open air) – monuments to a legendary battle between Rome and Alba Longa.
  4. Villa of the Quintili (inside) When archaeologists first found this enormous imperial villa complex, they thought they had discovered a new village aside from Rome !

Know Before You Go

  • Do you want to keep walking? With the same entry ticket for Quintili’s Villa you can also visit Cecilia Metella’s Tomb, one of the most important Appia Antica-must-seen 
  • Do you need to come back to Rome? Get a taxi from the second entrance of Quinitli’s Villa at 1092, via Appia Nuova, or take the bus 118 back to the city
  • Due to the bumpy stretches with the cobblestones, people on wheelchairs unfortunately can not participate in the tour, but they are welcome to consider other tracks with our suggestions.
  • Please read our Cancellation Policy

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