Official Appia Antica Walking Tour
(Route 1)

From the Basilica of Saint Sebastian to the fourth mile

The most interesting part of Via Appia Antica and the catacombs are waiting for you. Go back in time with us and add the final tour into the roman catacombs where half a million of pagans and Christians were buried along  kilometers and kilometers of galeries.  

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2.5 hours - 1 mile


  • Professional guide 
  • Maps

Route Itinerary

  1. Depart from Saint Sebastian Basilica – here you’ll find the original footprints of Jesus impressed on the pavement linked to the famous vision of Jesus by Saint Peter.
  2.  Circus & Villa of the emperor Maxentius (inside) – the movie Ben-Hur was shot right here.
  3. Tomb of Caecilia Metella (outside) – the most well-preserved and imposing tomb on the Via Appia.
  4. Capo di Bove Bath Complex (inside) – discovered just 21 years ago.

Know Before You Go

  • Do you want to visit the catacombs of Saint Callistus or Sebastian? Discover the underground cemetery where millions of christians and popes were buried. 4 levels of endless tunnels dug for kilometers and kilometers! A catacombs-licensed-guide will welcome you, at the end of our tour, to admire the catacombs of S. Callistus or S. Sebastian, the latter with the Salvator Mundi, the last work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Cost € 10/person with 40 minutes of guided tour. Please note: there haven’t been human remains inside the catacombs for centuries, children are welcome
  • Due to the bumpy stretches with the cobblestones (and the possible visit into the catacombs) people on wheelchairs unfortunately can not participate in the tour, but they welcome to consider other tracks with our suggestions
  • Please read our Cancellation Policy.

From €150

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