1.Is the Appian Way car free?

You can pass through the gate of the private road of the Catacombs of St Callixtus to avoid the first kilometer and half with cars. The road inserts in the Appian Way again and, after a stretch of 0,2 miles, just residents can drive until the end, so basically it’s car free. PLEASE NOTE: you can pass through the road of the Catacombs of St Callixtus everyday (from 9:30 / 6:00 pm) except on Wednesdays -nonetheless, you can always pass through the Caffarella Valley to reach the car free area of the Appian Way.

2. Is the Appian Way car free on Sundays?

Traffic policemen have the duty to control the area from Porta San Sebastiano until Via delle Sette Chiese, otherwise you can pass through the road of the Catacombs of St Callixtus, a private road (always open 9:30 am / 6:00 pm, except on Wednesdays) that allows you to avoid the first one kilometer and half with cars.

3 – Does the Park have any entrance fee and opening/closing time?

The Park is always free and open. Prices for others attractions are as follows:

Museo delle Mura, Domine Quo Vadis church, Villa Capo di Bove, Circus and Villa of Massenzio, San Sebastiano church > free

Catacombs of S. Callixtus, Catacombs of S. Sebastian > 8 € each one (with guided tour -45 minutes each one roughly)

Cecilia Metella Tomb, Capo di Bove, Quintili’s Villa> 12 € (La Mia Appia, purchasable in our office, valid for one year. Minors pay  2 €)

There’s no need to reserve, except for groups of 15 people or more. Tickets are purchasable on site and/or online. PN: we suggest to visit the Park within sunset since there are no proper street lightning.

4- Where can I park the car?

You can park your car -freely- at 50, Via Appia Antica (50 m before our office) from Monday to Sunday (until 6 pm). On Sundays and holidays you can park at Largo Galvaligi – crossroad Via Tito Omboni- easily reachable from Via Cristoforo Colombo.


5- I have an emergency/request regarding animals/natural environment issues, what do I do? 

For injured animals or help, please contact Park Ranger 06 51 15 107 (from Monday to Friday 7 am to 8 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 am to 7 pm).

6- Are there any restaurants or cafés along the way? 

Restaurants and cafés are located just in the first 3 km of the Appian Way (working out from our office), the last one being immediately after the Tomb of Cecilia Metella. Then, you can find water fountains and endless green areas where have a picnic.

7- Are there any water fountains? 

There are many water fountains: 50m on the left from our office (Appia Antica, 50), at the Catacombs of S. Callixtus and S. Sebastian, next to Cecilia Metella Tomb, after Torre Capo di Bove, near the crossroad of Via di Tor Carbone. You can get our free map with water fountains pointed out and our water bottle (€ 5,00).

9- Can I get any discount for visiting the Park and renting a bike? 

About the Park: except the Catacombs, you can get a discount showing the card RomaPass. Enjoy Quintili’s Villa and Cecilia Metella’s Tomb free entrance the first Sunday of the month, check out all free entrance on the respective official website.

About the bike rental: you can get 20% off -showing the card or reserving online- if you have: RomaPass (if you reserve online, write down the code ‘romapass2019’), the annual pass Atac (‘metrebuscard2019’), Lazio Youth Card (‘lazioyouthcard’), Carta Amici del Parco (‘cartaamici2019’).

10. Can I take walk/bike/golf cart guided tours?

Sure, the Park schedules several educational itineraries, find out your preferite  and send us an email 7-10 days before to request the availability with all the details: type of itinerary and type of bike, number of participants, date and time.

11. Can I have a barbecue? 

You can just from the 1 of October until the 30 of April and during the week from the 1 of May and the 14 of June. It’s your responsibility to check out if there are any ban in that specific area. Always use a raised barbecue far from trees, bushes and ruins (20 m distance). The only picnic area is into the Caffarella Valley, entrance Via Carlo de Bildt. In summer, it’s severely forbidden having barbecue into the Park.

12. Can I bring the dog with me? 

Yes, make sure to bring with you a leash and a muzzle. In the Caffarella Valley there’s a proper dog area.

13 . I’d like to take a walk into the park, where can I get a map? 

You can reach our office to get free maps or buy your preferite ones. You can check out all maps here.


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