1. I’d like to rent a bike, how does it work?

You can reach our office located at 58-60, Via Appia Antica every day, you just need to bring a valid id with you. We suggest that you reserve -at least one day before- in case of weekends and holidays https://www.ecobikeroma.it/reserve-now/

2. What are the fares and opening/closing time of the bike rental?

City bikes cost € 3,00/h up to € 15,00 ( 5 hours or more). We also provide mountain bikes at € 5,00/h up to € 20, 00 and assisted electric bikes (1,60 cm up) at € 6,00/h up to € 30,00. We’re open from 9:30 am until sunset everyday, except for the 25 of December and the first of January. Bike rental is always available and you can rent your bike until one hour before closing time. Price includes locks, helmets ( mandatory for minors, available for everybody) and a free map on which we sketch out all information you need about track and amenities.

3. I have a kid with me, do you have child seat?

Sure, we provide front child seats (up to 15 Kg) and back seats (up to 20 Kg). The price is € 3 for the whole day (that you have to add at the bike supporting it). PN: child seats can only be supported by city-bike. For older kids, we provide bikes from 18 inches up (4 years old up).

4. How may I get to your office with public transportation?

Our office is located at the beginning of the Appian Way Regional Park. The nearest subway is Circo Massimo (B line), get off from the subway, take the 118 bus and get off at Appia Antica /Domine Quo Vadis. You can also take the 218 from Porta San Giovanni  (A line) by getting off at the same bus stop. You could also take: line 30 express, 130 (holidays), 160, 671, 714 and 715, get off at the bus stop Cristoforo Colombo/Bavastro or Cristoforo Colombo/Circonvallazione Ostiense and walk the path of Circonvallazione Ardeatina for 10 minutes. I suggest that you download the app Moovit to get indications, live time table and news about public transportation.

5. How does reservation work?

You can reserve just online (not by phone) for a 3-4 hours up minimum according to the season, in order to guarantee bikes availability. If you want to keep your bike longer once you are here, you can keep it until closing time by paying on your way back the difference of the price. Reservation is valid just if confirmed via mail, once you settle up the payment. You’ll receive a confirmation email, otherwise please check out your spam or contact us 06 51 35 316 / infopointappia@gmail.com

6. Could I get refund in case of bad weather or unexpected?

If you did the online reservation with payment, click on our policy to know if you can get the partial or total refund https://www.ecobikeroma.it/termini-e-condizioni_eng/ Otherwise, you can catch up your activity within 6 months, remember to send us an email at least the day before to cancel it and to confirm the new schedule.

7. I made a mistake on the reservation, may I change it?

Sure, for any changes of the reservation, please send us an email with the details.

8. I reserved but I can’t come, could I let others rent the bike in my place?

Sure, if you want to catch up the activity you just need to send us an email and, after, you can give us a notice with the new date you chose. Remind to the person coming to introduce him/herself with your name/surname in order to find your reservation on our database.

9. Can I take a bike/walk/golf cart tour? 

Sure, find out our trails and prices https://www.ecobikeroma.it/appia-antica-way-itineraries/ You can reserve a private guided tour to discover the main highlights of the Appian Way by sending us an email 7-10 days before the activity. We provide tours in English, French and Spanish.

10. May I get the bike and go the centre instead of riding the Appian Way?

Sure, but we do highly recommend to explore the Park in a mostly car free area.

11. Is possible to rent bikes for one or more days?

No, sorry, it’s not possible. Bikes must be brought back the same day at closing time.

12. I’m an under 18, could I hire a bike?

You can get the bike just if an adult fills out the disclaimer for you.

13. Is the path suitable for all?

There are two main itineraries: the historical-archaeological along the famous Appian Way, and the naturalistic one, into the Caffarella Valley. The paving of the Appian Way is covered by sanpietrino (as in the city centre) and, in some stretches, you can see the original Roman paving, the cobblestones, that you are not supposed to ride on: you have to take the dirt paths on the sides. I suggest that you ride into the Caffarella Valley if you have kids with you, or if you want an easy path.

14. May I leave any luggage here?

Sure, we provide free lockers if you want to leave something before you set off, or, in case of larger luggage, you can leave it in our office.




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