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Come and visit us to take a closer look at the Appian Way with Ecobike Calendar to see the ancient cobblestones of Roman times. Churches, Roman aqueducts, the Catacombs of San Callisto, San Sebastiano, Domitilla and Priscilla as well and so many others attractions along 17 km. Take the opportunity to know the famous Regina Viarum as Roman citizens called it located in a green area of 3,400 hectares.

Appian way EcoBike calendar

The Appian Way, in Italian “Appia Antica”, was the earliest and strategically most significant road for the Roman Empire and was originally built by Appius Claudius Caecus in the 312 B.C.

It extended more than 300 miles from the capital to Brindisi, (Puglia) on the Adriatic Coast, making it the longest and significant road at the Roman time.
Even compared to many of the others best attractions, the Appian Way is stunningly well-preserved. It’s made of large cobblestones set in place by thousands of years of wheels and feet passing over them. The first part of the original street is located just after 2.2 km our information centre, near Cecilia Metella’s Tomb.

Visiting the Appian Way makes you feel like living at the age of Roman times between merchants, saints, leader and maybe even St. Peter.

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